The Great Pyramid [videos]

The Great Pyramid – Part 1 of 7

The Great Pyramid – Part 2 of 7

The Great Pyramid – Part 3 of 7

The Great Pyramid – Part 4 of 7

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Bermuda Triangle [videos]

Watch the videos hereThe Bermuda triangle

National Geographic [videos]

National Geographic – Inside Mecca

National Geographic – Strange days on Planet Earth

National Geographic – Freemasons

National Geographic – Octopus

National Geographic – Polar Bear vs. Walrus

National Geographic – Japanese Hornets / Bees

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Planet earth [videos]


Planet earth [trailer]

Planet earth – Bird of paradise

Planet earth – Antarctic Penguin

Planet earth – baboons in the water

Planet earth – Madagascar Lemurs

Planet earth – Shark attack seal

Animal planet [videos]

Multi sounded parrot

Desert predator

Animal planet live!

Crow and Cat

The most workaholic – The bees

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