GPS leading vehicle tracking software

Are you involve with service and trucking companies like HVAC, roofing, plumbing, construction, sales forces, delivery vehicles, long haul trucking, and etc? Then you must know about the Global Positioning System (GPS). It is the only fully functional Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). Utilizing a constellation of at least 24 medium Earth orbit satellites that transmit precise microwave signals, the system enables a GPS receiver to determine its location, speed/direction, and time.

GPS insight main
GPS insight main page

GPS Insight is an Arizona Corporation which builds upon reliable GPS, navigation, and messaging technology in order to provide a custom solution which helps your company immediately with powerful reports and functionality. They provide the best GPS hardware products available and add the technology and usability enhancements which today’s GPS customers demand. High end mapping, Google Earth integration, routing, customizations, alerts, specialized reports, ERP integration, and data warehousing.

Example of a map

Example of driver’s log

GPS Insight offers a hardware and web software-based vehicle tracking product which is the technical leader in the GPS tracking field. They have the only hardware which is trivial to install (plugs directly into the vehicles diagnostics port), they have same-day-shipping, they are the only product which gets direct engine diagnostics (trouble codes, speed violations, geofence violation, fuel consumption, odometer readings, landmark activity, idle time, etc.), and their product gives 2 minute updates with VERY high end map options and customizations.

They just cost $1.50-2 per day per vehicle, and the benefits from that, no more labor paid when people aren’t really working, fuel savings, routing efficiencies, etc. You can view live demo of how the software is all about like was shown in below’s image. You can click that image to go to live demo page.

Live demo

There are live presentation that you can view on the site for easier to understand of how to use the product and service. You can see the links to view presentations on top of the page. 3 links there to click GPS Vehicle Tracking , Advanced Mapping and Reports and Route Optimization and Navigation. You can read testimonials, news, what’s new in GPS insight and also can subscribe to their newsletter.

You can also get support from GPS insight Wiki and you read FAQ on that page. The page is design just like Wikipedia and you can search or get infos just like what you can do on Wikipedia page. And for you that prefer to read in blog format, you can also read their blog. So you can read the updated contents from them and generate your knowledge to support your business. To make it short, there are lots of infos about GPS insight that you can learn and take benefits from.

You don’t have to worry after purchasing with GPS insight because they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. They also offer free trials for qualified companies. For further information, you can read on their website at All the best 🙂


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