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More about travelling. And this time i wanna bring you more attractive tools before you go out to travel. RealTravel is a website that provide travel guide and trip planner from the real people that have gone to travel before. We’re not just can find others advise and experience there, but we can share ours too. So it means we can share our experinces of travelling to certain places and in the same time it can be a guide to others too. This great site has been voted as one of “twelve essential travel sites” by Forbes and “Best of Web for Trip Planning” by BusinessWeek.

We can read reviews about the best way to find out about places from someone with similar tastes who has already been there. There are Editor’s Picks reviews that you can read. This is such like online community for the travellers. You can read blogs about travelling, reviews about hotels and restaurants, view and upload photos, view maps, participate in forums and so on. I’m sure travellers will be really satisfy and find out that this website is so interesting. And all these services are just completely free of charge. Yes, it’s free and you don;t have to pay anything to get the services from this website.

You don’t have to be an expert in HTML to join all these. Even inexperienced internet user can participate too because they develop their site to be user friendly and easy to understand. And for those who have your own personal blog, you can add the URL of your blog page directly into your travel profile by using the “Edit Profile” link.

You can also compare prices to save your money on your travelling by searching several top travel sites for the best rates on flights, hotels, vacation packages and car rentals. Also there are a few tips on finding great deals on hotels, anytime of year. Isn’t that all so completed and convenience? So travellers, don’t miss it!

There are lots more for you to find out. I just give short explanation here and for further, you can explore yourself at . All the best 🙂

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