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Couples of my frens blogs

This blog at first as a blog of wallpapers, but now it turn into small talk blog. I will talk about everything here. And this time i wanna talk about couple of my friends blogs on the air now. First we go to the very interesting and hot person on blogosphere. He’s MyBlogLog always be Hot Member. For those who be a member of MyBlogLog is unbelievable if not known this guy, one of the coolest writer on earth. He’s preparing his new coming book now, and for those who would like to know about him more, you can visit his blogs.

Zubli Zainordin

Who is Zubli Zainordin

Book Project

Your Wisdom Of Total Happiness

Then we go to Bobby Revell’s blog and he called it Revellian blog. And he also got couple other blogs. He is a nice blogger that really likes to help new blogger to achieve their goal in blogging, not so different with what Zubli Zainordin likes to do too.

Bobby Revell

Woman: God’s masterpiece

Next on the roll is Forumer, and he is me actually 😀 I don’t wanna put all of my blogs here, but just couples of my choice 😀





This is my only friend from Thailand and he is so nice person. Actually he’s from Tibet but now he stays in Thailand and he sells art works at his shop. You can see beautiful artworks on his blogs.



Nepal Shop

Next is the first woman that i mention here and we can call her Kak Long. She is a cute and nice gurl from Malaysia and now study in USA. You can know more about here by visiting her blog. She tell the story about her journey to USA and bla bla bla …….


Next is the cute and nice gurl too from Malaysia. She’s still studying in councelling field and maybe someday she’ll become a counselor or at least a teacher. She talks about psychology and education in her blog, but she wrote in Malays Language so far. You can visit her blog too for more info.


There are many more to come, stay tune …….


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